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Silver $226.68 oz Eastern Price Aggregated 1970-2021


As if I added an extra "$200" per troy ounce to the silver spot price in this article's headline.

But that is the current damning East vs. West silver "price discovery" data aggregated over the last +50 years.

Here is a quick background on how "polite" western silver and gold price suppression is.

I would argue it's more ridiculous to publically say that daily and weekly spoofing of the precious metals price discovery markets to the downside tens of thousands of times over a decade doesn't damage the price of an item, over time, compounding to the downside. 

So here we continue to await the coming silver bullion shortage, front running, and likely coming gold bullion shortage (of available quickly deliverable bullion, in real size, at reasonable prices versus spot).

A bit of bad news, good news to start this week's SD Bullion market update.

Most often miscalled a US dollar, the fiat Federal Reserve note continues devaluing in real purchasing power at rates not seen in nearly 40 years.

The good news is, silver and gold continue being mispriced discovered by outsized derivative and fiat financialized markets that act as having little to no clue on the capital flow comeuppance to come.

In other words, investors can still get physical precious metals positions at comparatively low historical valuations to other asset classes propped and stubbornly still hovering in bubble status.

Prices reportedly increased near 1% from May to June 2021, signifying double-digit inflation using the government's hedonic quality rigged, underreported inflation figures.