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FBI Seizes Entire Bank Account of Conservative Talk Show Host After He Attended a Trump Rally

•, by Daily Veracity

Fuentes never entered the capitol building and remained approximately 200 yards away from the nearest entrance. The 23-year-old talk show host says he went to the capitol building following Trump's speech because the former President said he would also be giving a speech outside the front of the building.

"Currently the FBI is pursuing an investigation against me for my involvement at the capitol, I had done nothing wrong at the capitol, I committed no crime, I went there for the Trump rally at the Elipse which is just outside the White House," Fuentes said during the documentary.

"I walked to the capitol with hundreds of thousands of other people for a civil first amendment protected demonstration. I didn't participate in any violence or illegal criminal activity. So on the one hand I knew I had done nothing wrong but on the other hand, I knew that in this new country that we have, that doesn't necessarily protect you from law enforcement."