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7 Ft Tall 'Yellow-Eyed Winged Being' Observed at Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis

• arclein

Skillet) and we were toward the far right hand side of the stage picking up trash and just talking when my partner all of a sudden yelled out "What the f*ck is that?" I looked up and there, about 30 feet in front of us toward the parking lot, was what looked like a very tall being. But it wasn't like any person I have ever seen before. It was about 7 feet tall and thin but still looked very solid. It was coal black and had two glowing yellow eyes and it had bat-like wings! Literal f*cking wings that must have stretched out 12 feet from tip to tip coming out of its back. This thing looked like a demon from the depths of Hell and it appeared to be staring directly at the stage where there were still people breaking down equipment from the earlier concert. It's only now that the irony stick