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Two new eVTOL projects emerge from China

• New Atlas

eHang certainly won't be alone in the skies when China's eVTOL air taxi market opens up. Two new projects have just been announced: the Autoflight V1500M, and the Pantuo Pantala – which frankly should be expecting a letter from Lilium's lawyers.

Shanghai company Autoflight has been making heavy-lift logistics drones since 2017, and announced it was working on an air taxi last year. Here it is; unveiled at the China Airshow in Zhuhai, the V1500M is a spindly-looking lift-and-cruise design designed to carry three-to-four passengers.

The cabin sits beneath a 12.8-m (42-ft)-wide main wing. A third of the way along each wing, there's a beam that extends longitudinally. At the back of these beams are a pair of pusher props for horizontal flight. The front ends of the beams appear to be joined by another lift surface, which will aid in efficient forward flight.

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And secondly, there's the gorgeous Pantuo Pantala Concept H, which looks for all the world like it could've been designed by Aston Martin. Or Lilium – the visual resemblance is impossible to miss.