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Before Definitions Were Changed, A Vaccine Meant A Dead Or Disabled Virus

• Arizona Daily Independent

Africa is virtually untouched in countries whose populations are on a regular dose of ivermectin (vaxxed parts like South Africa are experiencing outbreaks at US levels). Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador are having the same or better outcomes as the US with ivermectin, z pack, aspirin combos-despite Hispanics having more vulnerability due to greater ACE receptor concentrations. It goes on and on. The vaxx is an absurd gene therapy launched during a wave of panicked systemic institutionalized dishonesty.

How ridiculous is the vaxx? You are targeting the immune system to only one aspect of the virus and only in its current form-the spike protein. Before definitions were changed, a vaccine meant a dead or disabled virus. The difference being such vaccines trained the immune system on all aspects of the virus, inside and out. Why is the vaxx absurd? Because everyone in immunology knows corona viruses rapidly evolve. The vaxx was doomed to rapid obsolecence from the beginning. They all knew that.

Worse, now there are reports that the vaxx immune response actually retards the immune system from properly activating in response to Covid19. You may never get natural immunity if you get the vaxx. You're on the vaxx booster treadmill for life.