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Heartwarming clip shows Parkinson's sufferer dancing for 'first time in YEARS':


This is the heartwarming moment a Parkinson's sufferer dances for the first time in 'years' following life-changing surgery.

Mike Roll, 54, from West Virginia, had been taking more than eight pills a day to battle vigorous shaking and being barely able to move his body.

But last year the father-of-three was offered deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery, which saw electrodes inserted into his brain to ease symptoms. 

Footage taken after the implant was switched on shows him swinging from side to side, twisting, and laughing with his daughters.

One of his children can be heard exclaiming: 'Dad! I haven't seen you move like that in years!' 

His third daughter Andrea said: 'Since his symptoms started getting worse it felt like we lost the old dad. Now, it's like we have a second chance again and a chance for his granddaughter to know the real him.'

The procedure also allowed Mr Roll to walk his daughter down the aisle, something he could only have dreamed of before the operation.

Parkinson's is sparked by a loss of nerve cells involved in dopamine production, a chemical which helps regulate body movement and control mood.

This leads to shaking, muscle stiffness and characteristic slow movements, making every day tasks very difficult.

It is not clear what causes this to happen but environmental and genetic factors are thought to be responsible.  

Around 145,000 people have Parkinson's in the UK, with two more diagnosed every hour. In the US nearly a million people are living with the condition.