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Research contribution provided by: Colonel Don W. Jenkins (Ret.) & Master Sergeant F. Jack Dona (Ret.)

We recently published a report on the Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) being implemented in Cochise County and several other counties in Arizona, which appear to create binding agreements between the county Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the federal government. In exchange for significant amounts of money, the county BOS under terms of the IGA, must do as they are told by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary. There do not seem to be any restrictions on the government's power over these county officials. The BOS are seemingly enslaving their constituents to the federal government, all without approval from the State legislature.

The alarming takeaway from the IGA document is that the recipient of the grant is required to comply with any existing or FUTURE requirements outlined by the CDC. This will encompass any and ALL future guidance provided from the HHS Secretary.

Statement from our previous article outlining the details of the Cochise Co IGA.

We previously showed IGA agreements have been set up in Cochise and Pinal counties. We began doing a little digging to see what other counties in Arizona might have created these back door agreements with the feds and an alarming pattern emerged. It appears that nearly all the conservative counties and those with military bases have been targeted for IGAs. In contrast, more liberal-leaning counties have received funds from the federal government, but have not been locked into similar IGAs.

Here, we outline details of other counties in Arizona that have implemented these troubling agreements with the federal government.

There are 15 counties in the state of Arizona. Of those, 10 voted conservative in 2020. These include Cochise, Pinal, Graham, Greenlee, Yuma, La Paz, Gila, Mohave, Yavapai, and Navajo.

Arizona County map and 2020 political leanings.

Six of the 10 conservative counties have an IGA in place, namely, Cochise, Pinal, Yuma, Yavapai, Mohave, and La Paz. Apache County has locked out the Board of Supervisor minutes and documents from access by the public. There is no way to review the minutes of their meetings or review the decisions they are making.

Maricopa County entered into an IGA on March 1, 2021. Though considered liberal by vote, is predominantly conservative in all but the major cities.

Maricopa County is also home to two of Arizona's largest military bases, Luke Air Force Base in Glendale and the Arizona Army National Guard Center, Department of emergency and Military Affairs in Scottsdale.

Interestingly, Pima County received funds in what appears to be a grant, but was not required to sign onto an IGA. Pima county is a major Democrat stronghold, with Tuscon as it's biggest city.

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