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Voice Invites Experiencer To Come On Board UFO

• arclein

It descended to within 2 feet of the beach, and the voice invited Padrick to come on board, which he did. The UFO, which bore no lights, was shaped like a 50 feet sphere with top and bottom cut off, and surrounded by a horizontal flange. Entering through a brilliantly lit antechamber, Padrick was met and taken on a tour by a young man dressed in close fitting, bluish white 2 piece suit, continuous with the footgear. This man, who identified himself as "Xeno," said that they came from a planet invisible to us, as it is always behind one of the planets we can see. Their society had no sickness, vice or crime. Padrick saw on a TV screen another such vessel, identified as their "navigating craft." He was taken for a ride to some spot in the mountains and brought back to the beach after duration of two hours.

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