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Unknown Upright Cryptid Encountered in Bucks County, PA

• arclein

As I got down to my trash can and started pulling the can up from the ground, I hear a car horn blowing and the sound of someone slamming the breaks. As I looked towards the stop sign, I see this black figure in the lights of the car, standing in the middle of the road. It drops to all fours and starts heading in my direction. I noticed the guy standing in the road. Within seconds, the creature had reached my driveway. It noticed my flashlight and stood up on 2 legs, boxing its front paws and growling. It sounded like a snore. It had yellow eyes and stood about 6 foot. It had black spiked hair and had drool dripping from its mouth. Suddenly, the car peeled wheels and made a left turn towards my driveway. The creature dropped to all fours and was gone in a blink. The car stopped in front of the driveway and the guy yelled out, "WTF was that?" He then proceeded down my road.