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A Private Space Company Is Launching a Probe to Look for Alien Life on Venus

•, by Becky Ferreira

The space company Rocket Lab aims to launch the first private mission to another planet, which would hunt for life on Venus and blaze a new trail for commercial space entities in deep space exploration. 

Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, has discussed his vision of a Venus mission before, but a new study outlines the plan in more detail and confirms that the probe could blast off as early as May 2023 on the company's lightweight Electron rocket.  

After a five-month cruise to Venus, Rocket Lab's Photon spacecraft will drop off a small instrument that will descend for several minutes through the planet's turbulent skies, which some scientists have speculated could host life, before kaputing on its surface, which is a torture pit of searing temperatures and crushing pressures.

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