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Hundreds baffled after woman spots a 'weird extra basin' next to the sink in her friend'

•, By Louise Allingham

The Perth mum asked members of the Cleaning and Organising Inspiration Australia Facebook group if anyone knew what the 'weird basin' was used for.

Many were confused by the mystery kitchen feature while other offered their suggestions from an ice trough, plant holder to a food server.

'Friends bought a house with this weird basin behind the normal wash basins in the kitchen. What is it used for?' she asked in the post. 

Many took to the comments to offer their guesses with some thinking it could be used to plant herbs.  

'No idea but it be the perfect spot to put pots of herbs,' one user suggested.

'I think its for sponges soap and dish liquid to go in,' a second speculated while a third thought it could be used to soak dishes in.

'Is there a cord under the sink for a bain-marie? You know like bistro that keep dishes of food warm,' another theorised.

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