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The elites exploit/influence new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate...


There are different ways to cover up the TRUTH. One of them, much in use right now, is to use new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate the truth that people might be searching for online, in other words, to mislead the populace…

The latest example in date are the ridiculous posts about a "demonic portal" over the Whitehouse. These articles are attempts to misdirect people searching for information about the electronic Twitter portal used by government to unconstitutionally tell them what to censor.

These absurd essays are a Planned Obfuscation so people have trouble finding information about the Twitter portals used by the government and the CDC to unconstitutionally silence critics.

Indeed, it has been clearly shown that the CDC and Census Bureau had direct access to Twitter portal where they could flag speech for censorship:

Red Herring article using the word "portal" and "White House" to misdirect searches: 'Roger Stone claims he personally saw a literal "demonic portal" over Biden White House'

So when they want to hide something, the elites will use a star, a movie or a well-known influencer and write thousands of articles about it to bury in the abyss of the search results something that they don't want people to find… Another kind of censorship…

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