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The FBI Is the Democrats' Gestapo

• by Paul Craig Rob

The Twitter files released by new owner Elon Musk show that the FBI worked hand in glove with Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia to suppress all information about the sordid crimes documented on Hunter Biden's laptop, the one he forgot about and left at the repair shop, and the peddling of presidential influence that the Biden duo parlayed into big bucks.

While the presstitutes lied that Russia via Trump was influencing the US election, the FBI was influencing it by suppressing information and controlling the narrative.

This is a serious situation for Americans.  The Democrats now have a Gestapo police and a Woke military to do their bidding, and the rest of us have nothing.  If we even say a word about it we are labeled domestic terrorists threatening democracy with misinformation.

Americans, including the proud and insouciant parents whose sons and daughters are serving in the military, need to know a lot more about what is going on in the military.