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Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg blasted for being AWOL while Southwest Airlines...

•, by: JD Heyes

Once again, the country is experiencing a major transportation problem, but the person Joe Biden picked to lead the Department of Transportation is nowhere to be found.

Over the Christmas holidays, tens of thousands of travelers were stranded at airports — some were even threatened with arrest this week at the international airport in Nashville after their flight was canceled — because Southwest Airlines nearly collapsed completely, having to cancel thousands of flights for several days due to major shortages of crews and other issues.

It took days for Southwest's CEO, Bob Jordan, and his company to issue a statement apologizing for stranding travelers and promising to make up for the shortfall at some point, per Breitbart News:

The airline is still operating at what has been described as a "reduced schedule," leaving thousands of passengers stranded in various parts of the country.

On Wednesday, the airline canceled 2,510 flights, or 61 percent of total flights. There were 2,914 U.S.-related canceled flights in that same day. In other words, Southwest comprised 86 percent of those cancellations. 

Other U.S. airlines did not experience those same issues. Just one percent of United Airlines fights — 30 — were canceled on Wednesday. Delta also saw only 16 canceled flights, as did Frontier, according to data from FlightAware. 

The problems with the Dallas-based airline were so profound as to elicit bipartisan criticism from members of Congress.