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The organization of the Federal Government

• Emanuel Prez - Substack

One of the most remarkable aspects of the alternative, and the conspiracy, media is how little effort is put into tracing the precise chain of command by which decisions are made and then passed down to government organs, corporations, and the media. I do not know myself exactly how it works, but I can guess based on my experience.

I made this primative chart over a year ago. It is an educated guess.

The absence of a rigorous investigation of the chain of command leads us to vague conspiracy theories (which the criminals love because they make citizens feel that they did something because they talked about crimes, but they do not actually try to understand how the governnment works, let alone take any action).

I welcome corrections to this chart.

I think that if you do not understand how classified directives, and secret law, are employed to compel government agencies and corporations to take action, while threatening them with fines if they disclose anything classified, then you understand nothing.