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Comprehensive List of Companies that Use Senomyx (Aborted babies) in Food and Drink Products

•, By Bradlee Dean

In starting this article off, the first thing that the American people need to understand is that for every injustice that is not lawfully dealt with, it will stand as the new normal, and it will fall to ourselves and to our posterity because it further adds strength to tyranny by leaving off justice (Jeremiah 9:24).

The rule of law will bring peace through judgment upon the heads of the wicked (Isaiah 26:9), and what we see in America today, instead of making for peace (Isaiah 51:4), it makes against it in destroying the very foundation it claims to stand on.


What Americans allow for today, the Word of God bears testimony against it.  Blood and war will soon attend to it.

Kingdom Clarity Labels reported:

A large number of major food and drink brands across The United States and around the world have partnered with San Diego-based company "Senomyx" which has created a flavor enhancer using the cell lines of an electively aborted human being. I compiled a comprehensive list of the food brands using senomyx, for those who also seek to no longer support or consume these brands.

I will go out of my way to not support companies who go out of their way to support the slaughter of innocent human children. You'll notice that there is almost always a more local, more organic option right beside the brand-name products, and these alternative options always seem to be two to ten times healthier as well, they tend to lack high-fructose corn syrup, red/blue dyes, as well as the use of senomyx as a flavor enhancer.