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Former XR climate activist calls it a brainwashed cult

• by Jo Nova

A lady with the unlikely name of Zion Lights was once a spokeswoman for Extinction Rebellion but quit and is now speaking out about their brainwashing, destructive behaviour, and the way they never seemed to want to solve climate change.

"The whole thing was a masterclass on how to manipulate emotions", she says. She was told to "cry on TV" and bring her children to protests.  Fellow activists there were so brainwashed some were sure they were going to die before thirty, and the leader of the movement, Roger Hallam offered them salvation, preyed on their guilt, compared himself to Gandhi and MLK and called himself a prophet. But was rude to followers, wouldn't listen, and really didn't care about "the people" at all. Ultimately, while he talked about armageddon, "he did nothing to prevent it" she said.

The hypocrisy finally got to her. Ms Lights wanted to talk about nuclear power as a way to solve climate change, but wasn't allowed to. Indeed, for even suggesting it, she was attacked and called a "climate denier". What could be worse than that, eh?

As XR hit speed bumps, Roger Hallam did what all self-respecting narcissist con-men do when the going got tough, he avoided answering questions and moved on to set up "Just Stop Oil" — the new incarnation of climate cultishness and road-gluing behavior.

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