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Phreakazoid Pfizer executive goes BERSERK

• arclein

The undercover bombshell video was revealed by Project Veritas and James O'Keefe. The journalism organization - which specializes in undercover videos of executives and media personalities admitting astonishing things on camera - has also posted two videos containing interactions with Pfizer director Jordan Trishton Walker, whose self-proclaimed title is, "Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations - mRNA Scientific Planner." We encourage all readers to support Project Veritas and its groundbreaking journalism efforts. We have re-posted the two Project Veritas videos on in case they are removed from other platforms, since Pfizer exercises extraordinary levels of control and influence over not just media organizations but tech platforms as well. Just today, as Human Events is reporting, both the UK Daily Mail and MSN took down yesterday's articles describing the Project Veritas interaction with this Pfizer director. This indicates th