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Arthritis drug mimics "young blood" transfusions to reverse aging in mice

• By Michael Irving

From Silicon Valley to Mad Max, the idea of powerful older people harvesting blood from the young pops up throughout pop culture, but it's not purely fiction. Scientists have experimented by giving elderly mice blood transfusions from young mice, and found that it improved cognitive abilitiesincreased lifespan and delayed disease.

But the benefits of transfusions are transient, only treating the symptoms. So for the new study, researchers at Columbia University, Cambridge and UC San Francisco investigated how to rejuvenate the entire blood production system.

"An aging blood system, because it's a vector for a lot of proteins, cytokines, and cells, has a lot of bad consequences for the organism," said Emmanuelle Passegué, corresponding author of the study. "A 70-year-old with a 40-year-old blood system could have a longer healthspan, if not a longer lifespan."

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