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Hyperinflation RETURNS to Venezuela

• by J.G. Martinez

The disgusting aspects are not geographical traits. On the contrary, the geography and weather is highly favorable for agriculture. .

It's the rotten society I detest. The society that allowed a foreign power to control our destiny, to loot our wealth, our minerals, etc. To cause hyperinflation and everything that was meant for us. This is the origin of our woes here. The root cause.

But this article is not about that. It's for you to appreciate how the iron grip of those in power, despite their immense destructive potential, won't be able to crush our best weapons: our brains, souls, and guts.

People are getting nervous here because the ghost of hyperinflation seems to be coming back.

Things are still much better than back in the lapse 2015-2017. As I've written before, that was a time of horror