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ChatGPT May Have Irreversible Consequences for Learning and Decision-Making


It has more than 100 million users. The author of this article warns that, due to reliance on technology, daily tasks have become more mechanistic that has atrophied thinking and crowded out creativity. A recent survey found that most teachers (51%) are already using ChatGPT in schools and a number of students are using it for assignments. ChatGPT has passed many high-level exams, including the Wharton MBA exam, US medical licensing exam, several law exams and a final at Stanford Medical School.

Applications in other sectors such as government also present cause for concern.

.Mankind's modern trajectory has been defined by several inflection points. The invention of electricity, light bulb, the telegraph system, computer and the Internet, among others, signalled new irreversible milestones in our modus vivendi. The recent introduction of ChatGPT may, however, prove to be more than an inflection point. It may be a permanent disruptor to our way of life; its bloopers and Wokist tantrums notwithstanding.