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Here's Why NATO Isn't the Strong Alliance You Thought It Was…

•, by Chris MacIntosh

According to a reuters article,

Hungary will veto any European Union sanctions against Russia affecting nuclear energy, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told state radio on Friday.

Ukraine has called on the 27-nation EU to include Russian state nuclear energy company Rosatom in sanctions but Hungary, which has a Russian-built nuclear plant it plans to expand with Rosatom, has blocked that.

So what to expect?

Well, we'll likely see a flood of "aid" to NGOs in Hungary. USAID, for example, which is a well known face to the CIA will seek to bring everything from "media freedom" to "democracy initiatives" and whatever other doublespeak is required. Within 6-8 months I suspect we will see riots in Budapest. Don't be misled, I'm telling you this now, ahead of time. They will be instigated by the aforementioned group or groups with the ultimate goal of unseating Orban, a democratically elected and wildly popular leader or the ruling party.

The difference this time is that it appears many are onto this tried and tested and repeated strategy. It is why Orban has been taking preventative measures ahead of time. Will it be successful or will there be a "color revolution" in Hungary? I dunno, but I do know there is a war on and it'll not be televised — at least not what is really going on. Interesting times, my friends.

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