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Saddling Our Kids with Debt and a Draft

• by Inna Patrick

The debate conjures up memories of when Congress adopted children's interests in the No Child Left Behind Act, and inserted a provision allowing military recruiters unprecedented access to children's data and enabled contacting children in schools in the absence of their parents. Military recruitment in schools is not allowed in any other Western country, and the United States did not ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child expressly so such predatory exploitation of minors could take place.

George W. Bush just happened to be in an elementary school on the morning of the 9/11 attacks, promoting No Child Left Behind, a law that tied federal school funding to military recruitment.

Visibly, it was not foreign terrorists that came after American youth. Instead it was the agents of the National Security State that were enabled by the Congress to misinform underage children about the nature of U.S. military and their activities abroad. Social psychologists have established that suicide terrorism does not rise from religious extremism, but is formented by resentment of the presence and actions of foreign troops in native lands.