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RFK Jr Slams 'Political Weaponization Of The FBI To Destroy A Sitting President'

•, by Steve Watson

RFK Jr. was responding to journalist Matt Taibbi's reporting on the Durham report, which effectively exonerated President Trump once and for all from bogus charges of Russian collusion, concluding that the FBI had no grounds at all to open an investigation.

"This is no partisan skirmish," Kennedy tweeted, adding "It is about the political weaponization of the FBI to destroy a candidate and then a sitting President. It's about a matrix of lies so elaborate as to make a mockery of the democratic ideal of an informed citizenry." 

Kennedy also got the knives out for the media for being complicit in perpetuating the Russian collusion nonsense for years.

"Maybe most alarming of all, the Durham investigation reveals the abject complicity of the mainstream press, which has yet to admit they were taken in by the big lie, propagated it, and now continues to permit those lies to stand as truth," Kennedy stated.

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