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The RINO Bush-DeSantis strategy for defeating Trump

• World Net Daily

It is now apparent to conservative observers that the RINO Bush political machine is the 800-pound gorilla behind the MAGA-splitting Ron DeSantis presidential campaign (to his shame and likely permanent political harm). But knowing that gives us insight into the anti-Trump strategy they will follow. In short, drawing upon the full depth and breadth of their dynastic power structure, the Bushies will pose as the "authentic" Red Team and try to shift the Christian vote to DeSantis on the argument that he is the only "authentic" moral champion in the race.

They will do this by pandering shamelessly to Christian conservatives on sexual morality issues while their Dem allies on the Blue Team will relentlessly pound Trump in the courts and media as a serial philanderer and consort of prostitutes. President Trump clearly sees their game plan taking shape, as evidenced by his first campaign nickname for Ron: "DeSanctimonious."