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Why is the Solar Corona so HOT

• arclein

Now that we understand just what is going on, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with hydrogen bombs and that the actual surface of trhe Sun is comparatively cold to the millions of degrees seen in the corona, we can make a conjecture. It is that we are getting NNP ( Neutral Neutron Pair ) decay taking place in the corona which releases heat as it must. It is completely possible and even plausible that this is where it all happens and that something different is happening deep into the SUN. that would certainly supply ample energy to keep the surface at the temperature we see while providing an expanding Solar wind all the way out to well past the Oort cloud while also accelerating dust as well. Yet compared to the age of the sun, it is very much scant and projections of mass change just do not wash. And if NNPs are been continously been produced in the solar core we may well be approaching steady state.. One central conjecture caused by cloud cosmology is that all

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