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Instead of fixing America's conventional food supply, CDC researchers plan to -

• by S.D. Wells

The CDC wants the term obesity erased from existence instead of trying to help obese people get healthy or making an attempt to prevent the obesity plandemic in the first place. Today, in the "woke" world, there is not much effort to live a healthy, moral life based on respect for the body, for the nuclear family, or for our great country and all it has to offer.

Any person can choose to eat healthy food that is organic and/or local, free from pesticides, processed ingredients, added sugars, toxic gluten, and chemical-laden oils. Any person can choose to exercise regularly and take supplements to maintain optimal health, but the CDC wants to avoid all of this as advice, thinking that if they just erase and censor "labels" for obesity, immediate-gratification consumers who often do not exercise, then the problems will magically disappear and nobody will feel "shame" or "self-doubt" anymore. There is zero chance this will work.