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DEATH of the American CITY: Nine trends you need to know

• Natural news - Mike Adams

Importantly, in today's broadcast I predict we will see American refugees fleeing the cities as critical infrastructure collapses. Those refugees will flee into the suburbs and rural areas, seeking food and shelter. Naturally, being that they grew up in crime-infested, Democrat-run cities, these mobs of refugees will engage in mass theft and violence to get what they want.

They will raid towns, pillaging and destroying as they go, and any small town or city that doesn't defend itself will find its citizens murdered and its properties savaged.

This is the desperation that's coming for America, and the early signs of this process are already apparent.

In today's Brighteon Broadcast News, I cover the following nine trends that indicate the collapse of America's cities:

1- Collapse of commercial real estate
2- Retailers fleeing the cities, including grocery stores and eventually banks
3- Plunging property taxes and sales taxes (doom loop)
4- Collapsing city infrastructure: Water, power, emergency services, roads
5- No funding for police, collapse of the rule of law
6- Skyrocketing violence, murder, mayhem
7- Mass migration (refugees) into the suburbs and rural areas (rural real estate will spike) (slow at first, then a sudden panic)
8- Climate lockdowns, easy for globalists to enforce the enslaved masses in the cities
9- Easy roundups for the quarantine camps to achieve global extermination and depopulation, starting with the city populations that failed to flee

Today's broadcast also covers other important topics. Here's the full description:

– Why American cities will collapse into zombie crime zones
– Why nearly all retailers will FLEE
– Expert wants to convert San Fran buildings into water slides and pinball parks
– The wave of "American refugees" coming soon
– Climate lockdowns and quarantine (death) camps
– DOJ stealing donation money from J6 political prisoners
– Why we need private digital money that the corrupt regime can't steal from us
– Charges dropped against U-Haul driver in latest fed-run false flag op
– How to bankrupt Target (it's all about the debt)
– Target VP of Marketing pushes trans mutilations in public schools

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