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Biden's FEMA Exposed in New Maui Scandal -You Won't Believe What Taxpayers Are Paying for

• By Mick Farthing

The Maui wildfire is out, but it will take a generation before the historic town of Lahaina has recovered. The devastating fire has left thousands without homes or personal possessions. Over 100 people have died, with many more still missing. But worst of all has been the federal government's response to the disaster.

CNN has previously criticized the lack of federal agents' presence during the crisis. Joe Biden told Hawaiians they would only get $700 per family, despite losing everything. Joe was there for one day, before jetting off to another vacation. Now, FEMA–the agency supposedly devoted to helping Americans in crisis–has been exposed for doing this. 

From The Post Millennial:

It has been revealed that members of the Federal Emergency Management Agency assisting with the recovery effort in Maui are lodging in 5-star hotels miles away from the wildfire-ravaged city of Lahaina.