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Hillary Clinton says she doesn't believe Trump saying he 'likely' won't pardon himse


Hillary Clinton says she doesn't believe Donald Trump when he says that he wouldn't use his presidential powers to pardon himself if he wins another term in the White House.

The 2016 rival to Trump told President Joe Biden's former Press Secretary Jen Psaki that she doesn't 'believe him on anything.'

It comes after Trump said in an interview with NBC News host Kristen Welker last weekend that he could have already pardoned himself before he left office if he really wanted to and said it's 'unlikely' he would do so if he becomes president again.

Sitting down for a wide-ranging interview for MSNBC's Sunday show Inside with Jen Psaki, Clinton also bashed House Republicans for their impeachment inquiry against Biden.

She claimed the GOP is manufacturing 'a political problem that they can try to use for their own benefit.'

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