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A History of Eugenics in the United States: Rockefeller Foundation, IBM...


In order to better appreciate the global bio-democide program currently underway, this essay will focus on the complex historical eugenics schemes that were subtly and not so subtly deployed in America.

If we are to survive this transhumanist stealth depopulation plan under the guise of lab created "pandemics," "vaccines," GMO processed and lab grown foods, and the deliberately released onslaught of environmental toxins, then we must understand precisely how the One World Government technocommunists will be intensifying their Great Reset and 2030 Agenda over the coming months…

The Origins of Eugenics:

Sir Francis Galton, a pioneering figure in eugenics, was greatly inspired by his half-cousin Charles Darwin, and his theory of evolution. Galton's central belief was that both desirable and undesirable traits were inherited, and he proposed that society should encourage the breeding of those with favorable traits and discourage the breeding of those with unfavorable traits. He coined the term "eugenics" to describe this proposed science of "good birth."

This foundational understanding of eugenics is crucial as it sets the stage for how the movement developed, and the subsequent policies it influenced during the 20th century.

Sir Francis Galton lived from 1822 to 1911.