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Adolf Hitler Is "The Torchbearer of Democracy" According to Chairman of Ukraine's Parl


On September 4, 2018 the Chairman of Ukraine's Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) Andriy Parubiy's intimated that Adolf Hitler was "the torchbearer of democracy".

His statement was broadcast on Ukraine's ICTV channel. Parubiy described Adolf Hitler as a true proponent of democracy claiming that the Führer  "practiced direct democracy in the 1930s." (Tass, September 5, 2018)

"I'm a major supporter of direct democracy,… By the way, I tell you that the biggest man, who practised a direct democracy, was Adolf Aloizovich [Hitler]". (quoted by South Front)

This controversial statement was not picked up by the Western press. Lies by omission.

Not a single US, Canadian or EU News media took the trouble to cover the story.

Why? Because the Kiev regime (including its Armed Forces and National Guard) is integrated by Nazi elements which are supported by the US and its allies. Parubiy has been given red carpet treatment by Western governments. He is casually portrayed as a right wing politician rather than an avowed neo-Nazi.

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In Democracy, the 51% outvotes the 49%, thereby making them slaves of the dictates of the 51%. The people elected by the 51% never do what the 51% want them to. Rather, they do what they want, thereby making slaves of everybody. | In the USA, we have a republic of people that is above the Democracy. We have the 12-person jury in court. Use and uphold this jury adjudication thing while it lasts. When accused by government of anything, stand in court unrepresented by anyone, even by yourself. Simply stand present as man/woman. Require a jury of your peers. It is your right. Here is where you win. They can't find 12 people who are your peers, because everybody who applies to the jury, is also a person - an artificial entity. When you question him/her, questioned properly, they will tell you this, that they are persons. In addition, the court will call them that. Since you are a man/woman, they cannot be your jury, because they are not your peers. Case dismissed.