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Rothbard, Milei and the New Right in Argentina

• By Fernando Chiocca

Now I can say that I am an anarchocapitalist without causing much surprise, as a large part of the public now has some idea of what this term means.

This is thanks to the fascinating electoral success of Javier Milei, an anarchocapitalist who has a chance of becoming the next president of Argentina in tomorrow's presidential election. Milei has five mastiff dogs that he calls "four-legged children" and named one of them Murray, in honor of the economist Murray Rothbard, a great inspiration of his. Rothbard, a dean of the Austrian school of economics, is also the father of modern libertarianism, which he called anarchocapitalism. We anarchocapitalists are aware that any form of state is criminal, and any and all services it provides can and must be provided by the free market. Rothbard provided the ethical and economic justifications for anarchocapitalism, refuting all myths used to legitimize the existence of the state.