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World's Oldest Central Bank Seeking $7 Billion Bailout After Massive Bond Losses

• by Tyler Du

Two weeks ago we reminded the world that thanks to soaring interest rates, which will only keep rising until the Fed figures out what "big-enough" crisis it uses to trigger QEx+1, the staggering losses on global fixed income securities which according to the IIF amount to $307 trillion - as calculated by DB's Jim Reid - have risen to a staggering $107 trillion. And while thanks to such facilities as the BTFP much of the MTM risk has been transferred (if only for the time being) away from commercial banks and to the Fed, the cumulative losses at central banks are now absolutely staggering, starting with the biggest and baddest one of all, where the Fed operating loss is now $111 billion and rising with every day that the Fed pays out more in interest to banks (excess reserves) and money markets (reverse repos) than it collects on its bond portfolio...