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"War Is A Racket" For These 25 'Defense' Companies

•, by Tyler Durden

And indeed, every year, the world's most powerful countries spend billions of dollars on so-called 'defense'.

But where does this money actually flow?

To gain insight, Visual Capitalist's Marcu Lu and Bhabna Banerjee ranked the world's top 25 defense companies by 2022 revenues, using data from Defense News.

Note that their graphic shows each company's revenues from defense, and not total revenues. This is because many companies such as Boeing also generate revenue from non-defense related industries and sectors.

The U.S. and China are the most represented countries on this list, with 12 and four respective companies in the top 25.

Country Highlights: U.S.

The U.S. consistently has the world's largest military budget, so it's no surprise that American companies dominate this ranking. Here are some interesting facts about the top three: