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RISING FROM THE ASHES - REBORN: First Hurricane On The Ground Footage From Acapulco...

• by Jeff Berwick

For the first 5 days after the attack the people had nothing except what we could manage to get to them with your help! 

No water

No food

No power

No internet

No help from the government, and 

No media coverage

There is hope though. 

Ten days in, Bonfil is mostly up and running. And, Lucy and I just visited the children's home that we support with Anarchapulco – miraculously it has almost no damage, and the kids are busy helping our people package up supplies so we can urgently get them to the poor and outlying areas that are still receiving little to no government help. 

In today's video, I'm talking with Danny Sessoms who has been doing an amazing job coming down to ACA immediately and organizing rescue response, mobilizing resources, and restoring some normality to people who have lost everything.