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Hello President Biden, About Your Plan to Waste $45 Billion on Housing Conversions

• by Mish

Only 3,575 apartment units were converted from office space last year. The already fraught process now faces even more challenges.

The Wall Street Journal explains why in its report Turning Empty Offices Into Apartments Is Getting Even Harder

Cities hoping to convert emptying office buildings into apartments are running into financing issues, stagnating rental markets and other challenges that are bottling up their efforts.

Developers last year created just 3,575 apartment units in the U.S. through office conversions, according to an analysis by rental listing site RentCafe. That amounts to less than 1% of all apartments built that year through new construction. 

Federal and local governments are also trying to give conversions a boost. The White House said last month that it was updating guidance for existing grants and spending programs to make billions in federal dollars available for these projects. It also said it would seek the conversion of more government-owned properties into housing.

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