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Hey, Republicans! America Doesn't Need a Second "Government Party"

•, By David Stockman

To be sure, Vivek Ramaswamy gets a hall pass on the matter because he did nail the worst warmonger in the group, Nikki Haley, with his "Dick Cheney in three-inch heels" zinger. Indeed, the entire quote is worth replicating because it's obvious that as a Republican no one ever heard of, Vivek hadn't gotten the neocon memo about Washington's duty to police the planet:

I want to be careful to avoid making the mistakes from the neocon establishment of the past. Corrupt politicians in both parties spent trillions, killed millions, made billions for themselves in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting wars that sent thousands of our sons and daughters, people my age to die in wars that did not advance anyone's interests. Adding $7 trillion to our national debt. And Joe Biden sold off our foreign policy. Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, got a $5 million bribe from Ukraine. That's why we're sending $200 billion back to that same country.

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