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Corporate Media Publishes Graphic Images Of Mass Shootings In Campaign For Gun Control

•,by Gun Owners of America

On November 16, The Washington Post published "Terror on Repeat." The report contains graphic images of the aftermath of highly publicized mass shootings in the United States.

In a note linked in the article, The Post's executive editor wrote that they decided to publish the story to "enhance the public's understanding of mass killers' use of the readily available weapon, which was originally designed for war."

But really, the Post's use of the most graphic images they could get ahold of is the lowest form of attack. The Washington Post is dancing on the graves of victims whose lives were savagely cut short by the actions of murderers.

We should blame the actions of evil people on evil people. How would The Washington Post be judged if they did the same to Ford, GM, or Toyota every time a drunk driver killed someone? Their actions are the moral equivalent of not blaming the drunk driver for being a drunk driver and instead blaming the car.

Why isn't The Washington Post going after Ford for the 2021 Waukesha Christmas parade attack or the 2017 New York City truck attack?

The Waukesha killer used a Ford Escape SUV to murder six people and injure another 62.

In New York City, the killer used a Ford Super-Duty pickup truck to kill eight people and injure 11.

Or how about going after Dodge when a murderer killed one person and injured 35 others in Charlottesville, VA, in 2017?

The AR-15 is in common use and is owned by millions of law-abiding Americans, just like millions of cars are in use. But you don't see the mainstream media blaming manufacturers for traffic deaths.

Instead of articles about beefing up school security or allowing teachers who demonstrate proficiency with firearms to carry for protection, The Washington Post is targeting the rifles used in the shootings instead.

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