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Four SpaceX Starship are Ready and Next Generation Raptor Engines Soon

•, by Brian Wang

The SpaceX Starships have been upgraded. There are three completed version 2 Starships.

Here is a summary of the known information about the current and planned SpaceX Raptor engines.

The SpaceX Raptor engine already enables the SpaceX Super Heavy Starship to have more than double the thrust of the Saturn V. Walter Isaacson's Elon Musk biography talked about the SpaceX 1337 having critical breakthoughs beyond the SpaceX Raptor.

Elon Musk and SpaceX are looking at extreme ideas like deleting the whole hot fuel gas manifold and merging the fuel pump with the main chamber injector. Elon Musk told his team that We are on a deletion rampage". All questionable tubes, sensors and manifolds were deleted.

Elon also has looked at removing the entire skirt of the booster.

The performance of the SpaceX Raptor engines is already very good but LEET 1337 will have even higher chamber pressure which will enable more thrust. The SpaceX LEET 1337 engines will be simpler, lighter and cheaper. SpaceX will likely be able to build them at ten times the production volume from the same sized factory that will now make 4000 Raptor engines each year.