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FBI Illegal Disruption of Hawaii Republicans?

• Hawai'i Free Press

by Andrew Walden

Hawaii lies on the far outer fringe of the FBI's nationwide dragnet for January 6 insurrectionists.  While the last three years have produced zero arrests since Hawaii Proud Boys leader Nick Ochs was nabbed at Honolulu Airport, January 7, 2021, they have produced immense disruption within the Hawaii Republican Party.

Hawaii Business Registration documents filed March 10, 2022 with DCCA BREG, show Steve Lipscomb, a failed 2018 Republican Lt Governor primary candidate, joining the Board of Directors of the FBI Honolulu Citizens Academy Alumni Association, an organization which, in the words of former Honolulu Special Agent In Charge, Vida Bottom, "has been a part of the FBI Honolulu Division for many years as all members are graduates of the Honolulu Citizens Academy or retirees of the FBI Honolulu Division."

Neither Lipscomb nor the Honolulu FBI responded to a request for comment from Hawai'i Free Press.

Which one of these things is not like the Others?

Six weeks later, April 25, 2022, Lipscomb's name appears last on a list of 29 signers of a "Formal Complaint' demanding removal of the Hawaii Republican Party from the Hawaii election ballot.  The other signers are mostly associated with the antivaxxer Aloha Freedom Coalition and 'Klean House Hawaii' (KHH).  Their semi-literate 'Formal Complaint' (see pg 20-24) addressed to the Hawaii Office of Elections, Campaign Spending Commission and Ethics Commission demands "decertification of the Hawaii Republican Party as a party in good standing and the party name not to appear on the 2022 election ballot."

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