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Honolulu Police Department Declares No Second Amendment In Hawaii


The department requires all applications submitted after December 18th to provide proof of instruction by a certified/verified instructor before processing their application.

The problem? --  He hasn't certified or verified any instructors.

A recent change in Hawaii law that goes into effect in January requires instructors to be certified or verified by the county police department is being used to ignore the constitutional rights of Hawaii citizens. Despite having more than 5 months to set up a process, Honolulu and the other counties took no action until now. Due to inaction or incompetence, this lack of a process means that Hawaiian citizens could be left with no legal method to obtain firearms for weeks or months after the law goes into effect.

The recent decision by Police Chief Logan to require people to be certified by nonexistent instructors means that NO ONE can purchase a handgun or rifle until after he holds a public meeting to change his previous rules to reflect the new state law. The chief has a meeting scheduled for January 9th and then must wait for the mayor to sign his rules before they go into effect. This means that until then, he has no legal process to verify or certify instructors.

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These police might be half right. They are supposed to take the Oath of Office supporting the Constitution, which includes the Amendments. On the other hand, when you examine how Hawaii and Alaska were made into States, you find that they were made differently than the f8 States. Alaska and Hawaii are de facto States rather than de jure States as are the other, 48 States.