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Is 2024 "The Turnkey year": The UN wants to decide what to inject you with

• Joanne Nova

An invisible legal cage is being built around us in full view. We know they want it. The UN keeps trying to control quarantine, vaccines and travel. They've been pushing for disinformation enforcement since 2021. It's a trillion dollar business model, and lifelong sweet careers. A bureaucrat would have to be mad to say "no".

Bret Weinstein, former professor of evolutionary biology, talks to Tucker Carlson in the video below, and argues that we are in effect, living inside a coup. In May this year the World Health Organisation (WHO), a UN committee, will put forward a few modifications "to protect us all". These harmless amendments will mean the WHO could effectively be in the room when you visit your doctor. In the event of an "emergency" foreign unelected non-representatives will decide what your doctor can and can't prescribe for you and what vaccines you need to have, and you can't vote them out. What could possibly go wrong?