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The Statute for the Stay of U.S. Troops in Ecuador is agreed

• Plan V

The Constitutional Court will decide whether it should be approved by the Assembly. Plan V publishes the Agreement in its entirety, given the importance of it in the midst of offers of military aid from several countries in this "internal armed conflict" decreed by Daniel Noboa.

The so-called Agreement on the Status of Forces, between the Government of the United States and Ecuador, signed by then Foreign Minister Gustavo Manrique and Ambassador Michael Fitzpatrick at the end of Guillermo Lasso's government, on October 6, 2023 would be under consideration in the Constitutional Court. This Agreement should be ratified by the Presidency of the Republic and the CC should rule on whether or not it should be approved by the National Assembly, according to Art. 419 of the Ecuadorian Constitution.

This Agreement shall apply "to United States military and civilian personnel (defined as members of the United States Armed Forces and civilian employees of the United States Department of Defense, respectively, respectively, collectively referred to as United States personnel) and United States contractors (defined as non-Ecuadorian companies and firms, and their non-Ecuadorian employees, under contract or subcontract with the United States Department of Defense) who may be temporarily present in the territory of the Republic of Ecuador with regard to ship visits, training, exercises, humanitarian activities such as disaster responsenatural and man-made, cooperative activities to address shared security challenges, including illicit trafficking, international terrorism and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and other mutually agreed activities."

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