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Optimus Teslabot and Starlink Mini Will Outclass MacBooks and Smartphones

•, by Brian Wang

The Optimus Teslabot will have a 3 kilowatt hour battery pack which is thirty times more than a 100 watt-hour battery for a Macbook Pro.

It would be three hundred times more than smartphone batteries.

A new Starlink Mini will be released later in 2024 and it will provide 100 mbps downlink communication everywhere in the world. It will only use about 30 watts of power or half the power usage of a Standard Starlink.

The Starlink Mini will about the same size and weight as an Apple iPad.

The Optimus Teslabot will have the ability to walk everywhere humans can walk.

It can be a mobile data center 2U server level of power and computing. It will be in the range of 30X the raw capabilities of Macbook Pro.

This is all before discussing what AI capabilities will be available.