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Doha Hunts For Whistleblowers Who Revealed Qatar's Funding Of ISIS

•, Via The Cradle

Qatar National Bank (QNB) and Qatar Charity (QC) are attempting to uncover the identities of confidential sources that supplied documents to lawyers representing the family of murdered US journalist Steven Sotloff, which allege the financial institutions – acting at the behest of Qatar's royal family – wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to the ISIS judge who ordered Sotloff's execution.

QNB and QC filed an application on March 12 in the US to obtain "limited discovery" of the law firm representing Sotloff's family, specifically regarding the names of those who provided the bank records linking Doha to the murder. In an email to Bloomberg, the general counsel for QNB confirmed the filing and said the bank "is the victim of an effort to tarnish its reputation" and plans to hold the individuals "to account to the fullest extent of the law." Sotloff and another US journalist, James Foley, were beheaded in 2014 by ISIS in Syria. The terrorist group published videos of its executions online directed at US government officials. 

In a May 2022 lawsuit filed in Florida, Sotloff's family accused the Qatari institutions of wiring $800,000 to ISIS judge Fadhel al-Salim before he ordered Sotloff's execution. The family also says Qatar "knowingly funded extremist insurgents" to destabilize the Syrian government and named both QNB and QC as co-conspirators in the murder.

"The amount of assistance – $800,000 – was substantial as evidenced by Salim's ability to cross over into Syria the very next day to begin raising his ISIS brigade," Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks from the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida said in May 2023 when he ruled against dismissing the case. 

"The allegations plausibly show that Defendants, in participating in a terrorism financing conspiracy, held a culpable state of mind in relation to the transaction and the foreseeable acts of terror to follow," the US judge highlighted.