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When Whistleblowers Are Silenced

•, By Maryam Henein

I reached out to Justin Leslie, a Pfizer Whistleblower and former Project Veritas employee, after hearing him speak with journalist Ivory Hecker, also a PV Whistleblower. They were discussing his documentary Project Whistleblower. His gripping exposé reveals the shocking reality behind the Pfizer vaccines and tells the story of how Project Veritas seemingly silenced him. Leslie also shares his encounters with James O'Keefe, who admitted to attending the infamous Bohemian Grove, further fueling suspicions of a larger conspiracy.

What is going on with O'Keefe, is he compromised?

You may know that I was with Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies for a couple of years. And I was already familiar with James O'Keefe. I first met him at a conservative conference in Florida in 2019 before the Rona Regime. Since then I've been to his awesome parties and heard him speak on numerous times. I had great admiration for him as an investigative journalist myself.

I must say, I always found it odd that PV didn't nab me when I applied to their advertisement a few years ago. Many encouraged me to apply and I had a connection via Zach but I never heard back.

In the past few years, I've learned about Tavistock and the Not-So-Obvious-Establishment, and I've considered the legitimacy of many people and organizations, including Project Veritas. And now that I've seen Justin Leslie's Project Whistleblower documentary, I wonder if Project Veritas is a modern MockingBird Operation. I invite you to watch the film and decide for yourself.