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Leo Hohmann: Biometric 'Smart Guns' are About to Become a Thing...

• By Guest Contributor

No true-blue Second Amendment advocate would buy into this scheme, which amounts to a backdoor trap to register/verify the ownership and whereabouts of all firearms.

The United States is about to receive its first domestically produced biometric "smart gun."

These weapons unlock like a smartphone with the owner's fingerprints or other biometric data.

Biometric Update reports that Colorado-based startup Biofire says it will begin shipping its fingerprint and facial recognition-equipped handguns by the end of March.

Biometric Update goes on to report:

"But the smart weapon maker will still face resistance among gun rights advocates who claim the technology is unreliable and that smart guns are a backdoor to controlling firearm ownership in the U.S."

The outlet reports that the Biofire Smart Gun, a 9mm handgun pictured below, was designed to prevent unauthorized use by validating user identity, reducing accidental shootings by children, teen suicides, theft and criminal use.

The company's CEO and founder Kai Kloepfer told NBC News that the complexity of the smart gun is equal to a "small satellite." The firearm allows up to five authorized users, disabling the trigger mechanism after it leaves their hand. The biometric sensors do not work if the users' faces or fingerprints are completely covered as it is intended for home use, according to Biofire.

The product has been tested for conditions such as different temperatures and sweaty hands. However, since the U.S. does not have a federal product safety regulation for firearms, there are no industry standards to test biometric weapons. The handgun meets consumer product safety requirements as well as individual states' handgun safety standards, the firm says.