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Mike Adams announces first distribution of "Neo" Large Language Model...

• Health Ranger Report - Podplay

- Israeli-Iranian conflict. (0:00)
- Releasing an experimental language model "Neo" LLM. (4:00)
- Fake bird flu pandemic and food supply manipulation. (28:24)
- Israeli attacks on aid convoy and Palestinian land. (39:48)
- US-Israel relations and potential actions to address conflicts. (47:36)
- Solar eclipses, demons, and language models. (56:50)
- AI models for #nutrition, health, and #censorship resistance. (1:04:19)
- Virology fraud, engineered #famine, and geopolitical tensions. (1:31:28)
- Immigration and border control in #Texas. (1:37:10)
- Solar eclipses, weather control, and globalist agendas. (1:42:29)
- #Vaccines, #depopulation, and solar eclipses. (1:53:05)
- Demonic anti-Christ statue at Vatican and evil forces. (1:57:45)

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