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Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

As I reported during the 3 years of orchestrated Covid hysteria, both HCQ and Ivermectin are preventers and cures of Covid. The medical authorities knew this, but they suppressed it,
because if they acknowledged that a cure existed, the Covid "vaccine" could not be released under emergency authorization.

As the "vaccine" had not gone through the required testing, it could not be released for use under normal conditions. Therefore, it was a known risk, and the emergency use authorization protected the pharmaceutical companies from liability.

As the "medical authorities" –FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO–are all shills for the profits of Big Pharma and exist in a revolving door relationship with Big Pharma–Fauci himself shared patent ownership with Big Pharma–an untested vaccine was falsely and illegally released under false pretenses. Big Pharma made billions of dollars, and millions of "vaccinated" victims died or had health injuries. This is an established fact, not a "conspiracy theory" as Big Pharma's "fact checkers" proclaim. It is an established scientific fact totally ignored by the whore media, medical boards, and the Big Pharma operatives that constitute the "medical regulatory authorities."

As a consequence of legislation lobbied to passage by Big Pharma and insurance companies, fewer and fewer doctors are in private practice. Instead they are employees, which means they are accountable to their employer, some HMO, and not to their patients. Medical insurance has not adjusted to this fact.